GURU Wallet SDK Gateway To Participate

GURU Wallet and Wallet SDK serves as a window into GURU Network participation, as a builder, user or compute node runner. Wallet SDK is the main interface to communicate with Network and control all the processes/projects attached to the account. Same time it serves as a view into GURU Network Ecosystem, like and Ecosystem App Store if you want.

  • GURU Wallet SDK: Acts as an Eternal Worker for process orchestration within the GURU Network. Allowing users to orchestrate non-custodial trading mechanics.
  • Orchestrated Process Execution: Seamlessly trigger actions and manage smart contracts through FlowOrchestrator integration.
  • Personalized AI Processors: Deploy and control BPAs from applications catalog, as Personal Assistants for enhanced productivity across the ecosystem.
  • Earn When Idle: Users contribute computational power to run AI models, selected based on device performance to fulfill SLA. Devices answer GPT Model questions during idle times, like overnight charging, earning rewards for users.
  • GURU Ecosystem role: Cornerstone component in realizing Guru Labs’ vision for a decentralized, efficient, and user-centric digital world.

Dream Team

  • Evgeny Vakhteev Evgeny Vakhteev CEO
    Ex Hulu, Disney (video ingestions orchestration), CTO and Co-founder of DexGuru
  • Alexey Volynshikov Alexey Volynshikov Senior Backend Engineer
    Architected DexGuru Data Warehouse, indexation pipelines, co authored Guru Network orchestration architecture.
  • Evgeny Shestakov Evgeny Shestakov Backend Engineer
    Developers Office Lead, indexation, price calculations and Web3
  • Rodion Kharabet Rodion Kharabet Senior Frontend Engineer
    Developed DexGuru MVP, Web3 wallets integrations, and led all DexGuru frontend teams
  • Alexey Ilin Alexey Ilin Frontend Engineer
    Created pixel-perfect GUIs for DexGuru, Block Explorer, and Warehouse applications
  • Gennady Omyshev Gennady Omyshev UI/UX Designer
    All Guru applications, focusing on user experience and Web3 mechanics
  • Evgeny Evgeny Lead DevOps Engineer
    The hero behind our own Data Center
  • Ivan Lylov Ivan Lylov Manual/Automated QA
    Specified regression test cases, executed manual and automated tests for DexGuru products
  • Roman Roman Head of Community
    Guru Network's community alchemist and marketing aficionado, transforming engagement into $GURU
  • Nick Sawinyh Nick Sawinyh Advisor
    Blockchain expert since 2017, Co-founder of Defiprime, Key Opinion Leader (KOL), ex-CEO of DexGuru

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